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Here’s what our customers are saying…

My son was there yesterday and got his first tattoo. He was very nervous and you & your staff were wonderful! You really did an amazing job with what he wanted. The tattoo looks amazing and he is so very proud of it! He just started paramedic class and is looking forward to becoming a fireman. I am very proud of him and now you have made him more proud & eager with the work you did.
Thankx again for your wonderful work. If/when I decide to get my first tatoo it will be with you!
Mandi “Michelle has been doing my tattoos for 8 years now, I wouldn’t trust any shop that she was not working for :)”

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you and your staff did on my tattoo!!! I love it!!! It is so me in every way and it was not as painful as I had thought it would be. Thank you for the beautiful art and now I can’t wait to do more. Once it heals I will post it on my myspace so the whole world can see what wonderful work you did for me. Lots of Love………..MWWWWHHHH

“I went there for my first tattoo. They made me feel very relaxed and spent a lot of time working with me to get the customization needed.”

 Shirley “Nate is GREAT!! He explained every step to the piercing process. Could not believe how many pairs of gloves he used. Now I understand how important the sterilizing process is. I would not trust my piercings to anyone else. He has done 3.”

 Melissa Gaebelein “They are true artists! Nothing more needs to be said.”

 Linda “I wouldn’t be tattooed or pierced anywhere else!”

 George “professionalism and actual knowledge of their trade. very awesome place to check out and get something done.”

Anonymous “Very professional and friendly…. makes you feel comfortable and at ease when getting a piercing…. the only place to go!!!!”

St0rmy “Michelle Laing has done two of my tattoos she is really talented ”

Tiny “Excellent piercings and great tattoo artists too. Tho only place I will let pierce me.”

Becky “They really are the best. I’ve had ten piercings done and wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. awesome. clean. professional. the best.”

Sara Scott “My husband and I will not go to anyone but Michelle for our tattoos. She takes her time and does a wonderful job! : )”

Christine “I’ve been going to Nate and Tyson for all my piercing needs since they were at Bodyworks. They are the best in the state as fas as I’m concerned”

Christy “I just got my first tattoo there about 2 weeks ago and they were very nice. They took the time to come up with a design that fit what I was looking for and made me feel very comfortable.”

Anon. “Every time I have gone to Body Anthology I’m treated with respect and the staff is extremely knowledgeable. I honestly don’t trust anyone else to do any of my body mod. Their standards are the highest I have ever seen in a tattoo & piercing business. Good luck guys!”

Jeremy “The tattooists and piercers are amazing. The shop is very clean, and they pay attention to every detail.”

Anonymous “Cleanest, safest, most professional, friendly and personable staff.”

Anon: There easy to talk to and to get along with. “I have been getting my piercings done by these guys for over 8 years and I love the work they do. They’re the best around and I’ll drive all over Ohio looking for these guys to get pierce by”

Anonymous “Aside from being the only members of APP in Northern Ohio, they run an extremely clean, knowledgeable, professional, and comfortable shop. ”

Ernest “Not only have I had great experiences with this shop, I make a point to take friends who desire any sort of tattoo or piercing to body anthology. If you want it done right, go to the professionals… this shop is full of them.”

Nicky “Nate and Tyson rock!! Very friendly and very helpful. Been to many shops, and I have to say that they are the most friendly of them all!”

bill “They create some of the best coverups I have seen plus their originals are fabulous”

Anonymous “They are the only Northern Ohio Association of Professional Piercers members. All of the tattooists are very nice, talented and extremely helpful. Just a beautiful studio all around.”

Body Anthology is an awesome place to go for your piercing and tattoos.I  went there for 2 tattoos and 4 piercing.  They are very professional and  explain everything with detail and make you feel comfortable and welcomed. I love how they will recommend what is the best for you and for your comfort. and they will help you with everything you need, from just a simple jewerly change.  the jewerly is expensive but its the best and you got to pay for good quality. So I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Body Anthology!!

name: noah
comments: You guys are the best arround the clevo area. Definately worth the  drive from the east

name: Brian
comments: Ok, I had been trying to track down Nate for about a year and a half  to get my  frenum ladder re-done.
         (had it done at another shop by another piercer and just wasn't straight so I took it out) After pouring over BMEzine.
         com and talking to everyone I saw with a piercing I determined Bodyworks was  the studio and Nate was the piercer...only
         problem was by time I went there the  place was closed. So I put the thought on hold for awhile until I just happened  to
         be on the APP website(safepiercing.org) and saw Nates name and the new shop.  I called him up, asked if I could come in he
         said not a problem and no appointment necessary. My girlfriend and I got there (she was contemplating  getting her nipples
         done) and I asked if I could check out the shop and sterilization room. Nate took us on an in depth tour, showing us the autoclave
          and clean/dirty sections of the room, as well as fully explaining how they  sterilize everything and how often. He even had
         spore sheets going back 10 years for the autoclave. In the piercing room showed us how everything  was organized and safe
         practices in there(he went through 2 pairs of rubber  gloves just showing us around this room). All the while he was answering
         all  mine and my girlfriends questions about what to expect during piercing and  anything else we asked. Just a very knowledgeable
         and friendly guy...much like I heard. We go back up front, fill out a few quick forms, pick your jewelry,  and pay. I chose
         10 ga 1/2 in barbells for my 3 frenum piercings. (the jewelry  cost a little more than I expected, but it was implant
         grade, internally  threaded and has a lifetime warranty, also you purchase bars and balls  individually, so if you lose a
         ball or want a bigger one, you can just get that  piece, overall it seemed worth it) Then its back to the piercing room. Nate
          asked if he should leave the room while I dropped my pants, but I didn't see it  necessary since he would be working
         down there anyways. He washed his hands,  pulled a clean, sterilized set of tools, needles and jewelry  from their respective
         locations then draped a paper cloth over my region. He  then cleaned/disinfected the area to be pierced. (He changed gloves
         often  throughout all this).  He made marks where he thought the piercing should go,  and had me check it out with a mirror.
         We made some adjustments due to my  anatomy,  double checked everything, then it was needle time. He clamped the  skin together
         to line everything up and reduce the amount of tissue to  penetrate, had me take a couple deep breaths, then pushed through.
         It was a  little more pain than I remembered  from the first time(this time was larger  gauge though) but still wasnt bad...quick
         sharp pinch, dull burning feeling  then its over, like a shot. He corked the needle, slipped the jewelry  in(internally threaded
         is the way to go)while he explained  everything he was  doing. The next two went much the same way. When he finished up he
         handed me a  mirror to check it out,  and it looked awesome. He explained how to care for it,  and !  answered a few last
         questions. We went back up front, Nate printed out an  information sheet about what I had done, and how to keep it clean and
         promote  healing etc. and gave me my bag of soap and sea salt I purchased. He asked if I  had any other questions, and we
         were on our way. (My girlfriend decided  to not  get pierced because she was worried about painbut shes still thinking about
          going back.) After a few days I started to get some swelling that concerned  me(anything potentially risky down there concerns
         me) so I went back to see  Nate and asked him to take a quick look. He was very helpful and got me right  in.  He said it
         didnt look bad, and since there was no pain or strange  discharge it was probably nothing to worry aboutit was merely the
         fact I had 3  10ga bars in a relatively close proximity in me. A couple days later, swelling  was gone everything was normal
         again.  Its been about a week now, and I just  love the way it looks. There has really been no pain(unless I bum!  p against
         something). I am still waiting to try any sex acts(worst par t about the whole experience) because once you start friction
         and tugging on  the piercing it hurts,  plus Id rather let it heal up a bit first. To sum up,  *********
         is a very clean and professional shop(cool theme too). Everyone  I  talked to there was helpful and nice. Nate really knows
         his stuff and is great  to work with, seems interested in you as a person and not just a job. If you  are considering getting
         any work done, stop in and talk to these guys. I have  been considering a tattoo for a bit now, and when Im ready, Ill be
         going there  to get it. Thanks for the great experience guys. 

name: Kelly
comments: Great place to go to get pierced. I felt to comfortable
         there because  of how clean and professional everyone was. I felt like i was in good hands  when i got my surface piercing.
         Everything was explained to me in great detail  to help me fully get an idea of what i was to expect. And that felt good to
          know that the piercer (Nate) cared that i knew what i was getting myself into  and that he didnt see me as just another dollar
         in his wallet. I most deff see  myself getting pierced there again, maybe tattooed there as well.. Keep Up The  Great Work!
 Posted by: Shane H. 
  they are super nice do great work everyone i no that gets tattoo there are happy and say the same thing. the best all aroundPosted by: Scott L., 9/15/2009
Posted by: claireyberry17,
 i love this place! they are so nice and super clean! i have gotten 5 piercings from them and will only go to them for my piercings
and soon for tattoos! they definitely know what they are doing.
Posted by: clevetaz, 11/10/2009
The people at body anthology tattoo and piercing are the most awesome people around my wife and myself will not go to another shop anywhere around and we have been to a few these guys and lady lol are the best i am looking to get alot more ink from them so if you want the best ink or piercings in town come and check them out if you tried the rest come and try the best you will not be sorry tell them mater sent ya hahaah sincerly a customer for life John ps the last 2 pics on slide show are mine done by the awesome matty !!!!!!!
 Posted by: NKL 9, 11/10/2009
  They are friendly and promote well. I haven't actually got a tattoo there yet but they make me want to, lol!
 Posted by: Deb H., 11/8/2009
Because they were trained by the best person in cleveland. I love you guy's.
Posted by: Natalie G., 11/8/2009
Because The People Working There Are Great & The Artwork They Do Is Amazing!
 Posted by: Diane R., 11/7/2009
They do awesome tattoo's and body piercing. They are caring and have a good work ethic.
 Posted by: Ohheybetty, 11/6/2009
      They are a sponser for EPW Extreme Pudding Wrestling! The guys are really sweet I plan on getting work by them someday!
Posted by: Becky H., 11/5/2009
 They're the best!
Posted by: delibikrchic, 11/5/2009
The work here looks amazing!
 Posted by: ASweetLittleBullet, 11/4/2009
I drove all the way from Brunswick just to get my lip pierced. Extremely professional, thorough, clean, and knowledgeable. The only way I'd ever go anywhere else is if it no longer exists.
Posted by: Leera321, 11/3/2009
Love the atmosphere and Michelle is a great tattoo artist.
Posted by: Ray S., 10/30/2009
This place is just excellent. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Wouldn't trust my body to anyone else.
Posted by: DoIt, 10/29/2009
Ouch, but so worth it. Great people and awesome work
 Posted by: LupusTheWolf., 10/28/2009
Im really pleased with the work that the crew at Body Anthology, I've gotten 3 tattoos and my mother has gotten one from them and we will not go anywheres else
Posted by: Alicia B., 10/25/2009
Professional, sanitary, educated, and friendly! I have gotten many piercings here and I will never go anywhere else!
 Posted by: Ryan M., 10/24/2009
I went to Body Anthology yesterday after a friend of mine told me about them. Once i talked to the artist (Matty) i knew i was gonna be taken care of. He knew what i was getting was a challenge due to really tight lines and being on my hand. He certainly lived up to what i've heard about them and what i have seen on their website. I was totally satisfied with my tattoo and he definitely lived up to the hype and prolly went passed it. I would recommend this shop to anyone who wants pure quality and talent on their skin. Ryan M.
 Posted by: Stephanie S., 10/20/2009
Very professional and clean! Everyone is nice and extremely educated in their craft. Won't go anywhere else!
 Posted by: Doug M., 10/17/2009
 This is a clean, professional shop. Customers are treated with the utmost respect and told every detail throughout the processes.
The customer gets what they expect and more.
Hats off to Nate and his crew of talented individuals. Simply the best !
Posted by: Jess D., 10/10/2009
Incredibly professional and dedicated staff!
Posted by: chattycathy440, 10/9/2009

Truely skilled @ what they do!


Posted by: Lisa H., 10/9/2009

 Everyone there is nice and talented and they are very clean


Posted by: zdiggity18, 10/5/2009

Professional,cleaning and wonderful work.

Posted by: Anna S., 10/2/2009

 Matty is awesome!! The shop is the cleanest I’ve seen and there is a very comfortable vibe. You would be stupid to go anywhere else!!!

Common people.


Posted by: Sam P., 9/29/2009

 I’ve been to Body Anthology twice now and whether It’s a piercing or a tattoo these guys are 100% professional and still make the experience fun.


Posted by: Kelly C., 9/26/2009

As I have told them many times, they are the most professional Body Piercers I have ever come across. The shop smells so clean, it’s cleaner than any hospital I’ve ever been in. From the time you walk in until the time you leave, you know that you are in good hands and that they care about you and the work they have done for you.


Posted by: Tina W., 9/26/2009

The artists there are top rate! They take into consideration your instruction, opinion, and will help in any way they can with your vision! They are the cleanest around! They make you feel like you matter. Matty may be the best around, but the whole staff are THE BEST!


Posted by: Emma R., 9/25/2009

I’ve gotten all of my tattoos there except for one and they are the cleanest place ive ever been and give good advice for certain pericings, other places will just pierce you to get there money and not care one bit. I absolutely love them!!!


Posted by: Devinger, 9/24/2009

Very Professional / very strict on PROPER medical procedure. My wife trusts them and she is an RN.


Posted by: Bill K., 9/21/2009

Great staff, comfortable setting. Some of the the finest ink ever imaginable…


Posted by: jcusano0, 9/20/2009

 Great place. The best customer service, friendly staff, answered all my questions. Clean environment. Nearly painless procedure and quick healing!

Posted by: Danielle S., 9/18/2009

They are VERY professional and hygenic. Very patient and kind. They ensure that you are completely ready and know everything you could possibly need to know to be prepared.


Posted by: Sarah K., 9/18/2009

 I have been to different tattoo shops even out of Ohio, but Body Anthology is most definitely the best experience I have had. The crew there is fun and friendly and non-judgemental like other places I have been into. They do an amazing job at making you feel comfortable and there Artistic ability is one of a kind.


Posted by: Monique K., 9/17/2009

have gotten my wrk there and its a wonderful place to go artist are superb! wouldn’t go anywhere else! :)


Posted by: Andrea S., 9/17/2009

They did a WONDERFUL job on my piece and I cannot wait to go back to get some more done with them


Posted by: AngelMami1476, 9/16/2009

All my friends go there… heard nothing but good things about them.. the work the do is amazing as well… plan on going there for my tattoo and next piercing!!


Posted by: aponish216, 9/16/2009

Nate and Tyson are the only people I have trusted for the past ten years for all my piercing needs. Most experienced and professional place ever!!

From top to bottom they know their stuff better than any one I’ve ever known. They really know what they are doing. I’ve never felt more comfortable with needles in me. :)

Posted by: cbergenstein, 9/15/2009

I have had and am getting work done by Matty he is awesome. I have also been pierced by Ticen. Would never go anywhere else.

Posted by: raspi2, 9/14/2009

Most of my family and friends have had work done by Chico. He can cover up almost any bad tattoo. Tyson is a great piercer. This is the only shop I would go to.


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